I retained Courtney Caparella-Kraemer to represent me in post-divorce litigation filed by my ex-wife. I strongly believe that if I had been fortunate enough to have Courtney’s representation from the beginning of my divorce, the post-decree litigation would not exist. I am in a situation where the other party has a history of manipulating the system for her own personal and financial gain. I continue to be amazed by Courtney’s handling of my case. Courtney has an innate ability to connect the dots, see through deception, and then strategize to ensure the truth is exposed and people are held accountable. She will fight for you until fair judgment is reached. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law, and confidence displayed in the courtroom is unprecedented.

— Tony M.

Brad and Courtney and team represented me in a very emotional divorce. They fiercely defended my rights as a father and helped make very emotional issues rational.

— Erik

I’ve never felt more supported at a more difficult time in my life. Courtney listened, cared and had the trial skills to advocate fiercely and effectively for me. I would never go anywhere else.

— Lori S.

After being married 30 years and then looking for a divorce lawyer I was very stressed and nervous about finding someone who would help me get what I truly deserved in a divorce settlement. I found the most caring and talented lawyer and that lawyer was Courtney N. Caparella-Kraemer. Courtney always returned my phone calls or emails the same day. How reassuring this was to me and helped lessen all the anxiety that comes with the divorce process. Courtney always prepared me for what to expect before entering the courtroom. I remember the first time in the courtroom and how impressed I was with Courtney. She entered the courtroom with confidence which gave me confidence in her skills. She then presented all the exhibits in a very organized binder that was easy to follow. The opposing counsel was very disorganized and the judge even made a comment that he needed to put his exhibits in more organized format. I smiled and at that moment knew my lawyer was the right choice. Courtney knows the law and does a great job in the courtroom. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone needing a divorce attorney. Thank you Courtney for all your hard work and making my life better! 

— Nadine