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What Is A Dissolution?  

The difference between a Divorce and a Dissolution is that in a Divorce the parties are in a disagreement concerning at least one thing and in a Dissolution they have agreed upon all issues. In a Dissolution, the parties enter into an agreed Separation Agreement and then invoke the jurisdiction of the Court by filing together to ask the Court to approve of their Separation Agreement and make its terms an Order of the Court. The parties must have "grounds" or a legally recognized reason to file for a Dissolution. If the parties have children, they will also enter into other agreements or documents evidencing their agreements regarding (among other things) the support of their children and the time the children would spend with each of the parties.  

In a Dissolution, the parties have a complete agreement before they file with the Court. When we file for a Dissolution we use the ground of "irreconcilable differences."  

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