Practice Areas

Family Law 

The involvement of our firm in Family Law ranges from dealing with issues arising from divorcedissolutionlegal separationchild custody, child support and spousal support issues. Of course, cases involving the termination of a marriage often result in our having to deal with issues regarding valuation of marital assets (such as homes and businesses) and the allocation of certain marital debts. We also represent clients involved in a step-parent adoption or grandparents' rights case.

Unfortunately, just because an action for a Divorce, Dissolution or Legal Separation has ended, it does not mean that the parties will never have problems or disagreements in the future. Future issues arise often because of changes in circumstances. Many times it is necessary to come back to court to adjust support or to ask the Court to "force" a party to do what he or she has been ordered to do (this is referred to as a “contempt” action). When children are involved, a party's relocation may also require new adjustments and orders. These actions are referred to as post decree matters.

The family law attorney’s at C-K Law have numerous years of experience in family law practice, trying hundreds upon hundreds of cases throughout their years in practice.  They can give you clear guidance to help you deal with the legal issues surrounding your case to help you achieve the best result given the facts and circumstances of your individual situation. Every case is different,  and you cannot rely on the experiences of others as being indicative of the experience you will have in a family law case. 

So, if you are contemplating a divorce, dissolution or a legal separation give us a call at (513) 942-7222 to discus your situation and we will help you find the best course of action for your situation.