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Four Things To Look For In A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a good criminal defense lawyer can be a lot of work. Fact is, the legal field is very complicated and it's hard for people without a law degree to even begin to understand it. Question is, how do people without legal training evaluate people with legal training? At least in terms of knowledge of the law, lawyers know far more than the average person does. That's why we've written up these top four tips to help you find the Criminal Defense lawyer that's right for you!

1. Check for Credentials

First, you need to make sure that your lawyer has a law degree and that he has passed the bar examine. If you are considering any lawyer in particular, feel free to ask him or her about their credentials and to provide proof. They should be able to quickly and easily provide you with the needed paperwork. If lawyer can't furnish this proof, he or she may be trying to scam you.

2. Evaluate the Credentials

Consider the credentials being presented. Can your lawyer provide his or her score or percentile on the bar exam? What types of grades did Mr. Attorney get in law school? What school did Ms. Lawyer attend and how is it ranked? These considerations are especially important for new lawyers. Still, keep an open mind as graduates from lower tier law schools are often the best in the courtroom, and good grades don't always mean good real world

3. Check Their Record

Most criminal defense attorneys will be able to tell you in detail about their record in court. They should be able to tell you roughly how many cases they have flat out won. They should also be able to tell you about their success in getting sentences reduced. Ask for this information, and also as if they can provide any paperwork or proof.

4. Ask About Their Experience with Your Situation

Criminal defense attorneys have to work with many different legal cases and often develop specialized expertise in certain types of cases. A criminal defense attorney who is great at defending people facing drug charges may not be as skilled at defending people facing an arson charge. Explain your case to any potential criminal defense attorney and ask what experience they have in this field!

I have successfully defended capitol murder cases, rape cases, child endangerment cases as well as a multitude of DUI/OVI cases in the Butler, Warren and Hamilton County court systems in Ohio.

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